[Commons-l] Just how reviewed is a Flickr review?

Platonides Platonides at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 22:42:57 UTC 2008

David Gerard wrote:
> checkuser-l is chasing cross-wiki vandals. Problems we've noticed:
> 1. Flickr review just checks whether an image is marked on Flickr as
> cc-by or cc-by-sa.
> 2. There's no protection against someone changing the licensing.
> The actual threat model is someone bringing a case of copyright
> infringement. Would screenshots of the licence as was be enough for
> 2.?
> - d.

It's a flickr problem on not preserving logs for license changes.
We're flickr reviewing to be sure if that image was free or not. So it 
can be reviewed either by
a) The bot
b) An admin or trusted user (and it is in checked that the template was 
set by a trusted user).

Both of which are trustable. If any of them would be willing to trick 
the system, they could easily fake a screenshot as well.

Also, we have no way of dealing with people uploading copyvios to 
flickr, then taking here with flickr as source (other than manual 

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