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My experience is that it can't hurt to ask.  They might not want everybody
to take pictures, but mentioning why you want photographs and having
something to identify you with Wikimedia helps.   They may treat you like
the press, and grant permission. I tried this twice and it worked.

   - When I was in Japan last summer (after Wikimania), I spent time in
   Nagasaki.  The Atomic Bomb museum there normally does not allow photography,
   but I asked and mentioned about Wikipedia.  I had my Wikimania badge which
   helped me appear legitimate with my request.  I filled out a form, they
   granted permission (similar to a member of the press) and gave me an armband
   signifying that.  The museum in Hiroshima allows anyone to photograph (but
   no flash).
   - I was able to use the same approach again last September when they
   held public, no appointment necessary tours at the Pentagon. Normally,
   photography on military installations is not permitted.  I came with my
   camera, prepared to be turned away.  A DOD public relations representative
   was there.  I mentioned about getting photographs for Wikipedia and
   presented my Wikimania badge. He was very helpful and allowed me, along
   with a FOX News videographer, to stay around and photograph.

When photographing, do keep in mind copyright issues, freedom of panorama,
etc. which pertain to us.  We also need a good way of batch uploading
photographs afterwards.  I had problems with the various software tools, and
still have some to upload.

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> Subject: Museums that allow photography, e.g. V&A
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> I went to the V&A last week and took photos of everything I could,
> which I really should upload some time sooner rather than later. In
> fact, I want a better camera for low light just to do the V&A.
> Their photo policy is "feel free", just don't use a flash and don't be
> a nuisance. There are a limited number of exhibitions they ask for no
> photography in (there's the Design in China one at the moment, for
> example), but mostly you can take pics of anything.
> So - apart from those of you with cameras that are good in low light
> photographing every damn thing to be found in the entire V&A ...
> 1. Do we have a list of photographer-friendly museums?
> 2. (the biggie) How do we thank V&A for their openness? And how do we
> do it in such a way as to encourage *other* museums to open their
> collections up to free content photography? I'm thinking talking to
> them and working out a joint press release.
> Has anyone here gone hogwild with a camera in UK museums? Do please tell!
> - d.
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