[Commons-l] Categories and the TOL

Daniel Schwen lists at schwen.de
Wed Mar 12 01:03:43 UTC 2008

> Yes, WHEN we get the infrastructure.
Yep, that's what I said.

> From the search box - how do I get from typing "bridges switzerland"
> in the search box to [[category:bridges in Switzerland]]? Currently
> it's the #1 search result.
Heh :-), good example. That category doesn't show me railwaybridges in 
Switzerland! Or what if I'm looking for the Landwasserviadukt (a 
famous 'bridge' in Switzerland), or what if I'm looking for pictures that 
show a Krokodil (train engine) on a bridge in Switzerland (0 search results). 

Either the search has to be improved, or, and I very much prefer this: 
a ''semantic'' (and machine readable) retrieval system should be implemented. 
Categories perform poor in this respect, tags would be perfect.

P.S.:Gregory, evaluate parent and grandparent (etc.) categories too for CI

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