[Commons-l] Categories and the TOL

Brianna Laugher brianna.laugher at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 00:28:05 UTC 2008

On 12/03/2008, Daniel Schwen <lists at schwen.de> wrote:
>  We have to make categories useful for commons, and that means turning them
>  into a tagging system (what they technically already are). And that can only
>  be accomplished by getting category intersections to work.
>  That would also mean getting rid of the "most precise category" paradigm.
>  * Who needs a category "Bridges in Swizerland" when you can tag images
>  with "Bridge" and "Switzerland".
>  * Who needs small browsable categories when you can have small browsable
>  intersection results (and galleries for that matter)
>  So when we get the infrastructure we should have the discussion, and create a
>  stringently enforced policy on the issue

Yes, WHEN we get the infrastructure.
When we see what it looks like and how responsive it is.
When we see how usable it is.

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