[Commons-l] New poster print service of French-speaking Wikipedia

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Sat Dec 27 19:18:36 UTC 2008

On December 19, Plyd wrote:

> There is a link, now visible by everyone, on image pages that 
> proposes "Obtenir un poster de cette image" e.g. "Get a poster 
> of this image". This links opens a menu proposing several (but 
> currently still only one) printers. When you click on "Order 
> with WikiPosters" (name of the first printer), you are 
> redirected on the printer website that proposes sizes of 
> posters. The poster is sent within 24h. The poster is delivered 
> with a page containing licence and author info (if GFDL only, it 
> is also provided).

An interesting side effect of this system is that more people will 
get an understanding that commercial reuse of images is allowed.

But when you describe how posters are sent within 24 hours, and 
this first printer has donated some money, how will this scale to 
the next printer who wants to join?  Is delivery within 24 hours a 
requirement for all new printers, or just an aspect of the first 
one?  With multiple printers, how will the user be able to 
understand the varying pricing and conditions from different 
printers?  If something goes wrong, does the user understand 
whether to blame the printer or Wikimedia France?

I know we already have links from ISBNs to various booksellers.  
The difference is that these have sold books long before Wikipedia 
started to link to them.  Nobody who buys a book from Amazon.fr 
will believe they bought it from Wikimedia France.  But how is 
this with an image printer named Wikiposters.fr?

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