[Commons-l] Thoughts about 'Making Wikimedia Commons less frightening'

Michael Maggs Michael at Maggs.name
Thu Dec 11 20:35:35 UTC 2008

This thread illustrates both what is good and what is bad about Commons.

There is general agreement that Commons could be made more user-friendly 
and that we need to reach out and communicate more.

Good:  There are at least 15 decent ideas that have been mentioned, all 
of which merit further discussion. So there are plently of ideas around.

Bad:  Everyone has ideas, but nobody has the inclination to take the 
lead and to do anything with them. So, nothing happens (again).


(1) That the ideas in this thread be captured, and copied to Commons 
under a new project page called (eg) Commons: Outreach.
(2) That we try to build support for taking some of the ideas forward.  
The first stage would be to find users who are committed to improving 
Commons/the Wikis and who would be prepared to act as sub-project leaders.

What about it?


Florian Straub wrote:
> Hi there,
> since I'm, subscribed via digest I have no mail to reply, so here some 
> random ideas (rough brainstorming) about the issues mentioned in the 
> thread 'Making Wikimedia Commons less frightening':
> * We need to have at least one (leading) person per language to 
> translate the messages. They should be contactable via email as well. 
> Maybe coordinated by a mailing-list. Wasn't there one?
> * We could "use" the translation power of the folks at betawiki 
> (http://translatewiki.net/ )
> * I tried to launch a mentoring programme some months ago, but with no 
> success: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Mentoring
> * Maybe we could include SOME contact people directly in the templates.
> * What about something like ambassadors?
> These are just some spontaneous ideas, I wanted to share. Maybe you have 
> some to say about some of them ...
> Best regards,
> Flo
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