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Thu Dec 4 23:19:30 UTC 2008

On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 17:51, Mathias Schindler
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> Starting on Thursday Dec 4, Wikimedia Commons will witness a massive
> upload of new images. We are anticipating about 100.000 files from a
> donation
> from the German Federal Archive. These images are mostly related to
> the  history of Germany (including the German Democratic Republic) and
> are part of a cooperation between Wikimedia Germany and the Federal Archive.
> These images are licensed cc-by-sa.
> The images are 800 pixel in size on the longer side, which is near the
> lower bound for being useful on the internet. We are aware of that,
> and we hope
> that after some time, we will be able to get the Archive to release
> the images in a higher resolution. The quality of the work of
> Wikimedia Commons
> might help this negotiation process.

One thing that might be interesting to track is the outgoing traffic
from the images to the website of the Bundesarchiv (I suppose the
credits link to them?). This might give us some insight as to what
visibility these things actually bring to the organisations involved.

Even better would be to get statistics of how these outgoing links
actually result in people buying the higher resolution prints to
integrate in some publication (if they are for sale, of course).


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