[Commons-l] 100k image donation to Wikimedia Commons

Tim 'avatar' Bartel wikipedia at computerkultur.org
Thu Dec 4 07:44:42 UTC 2008


2008/12/3 Artur Fijałkowski <wiki.warx at gmail.com>:
> No. I just not want us to kneel, when someone gives us something like
> stated above. I do not depreciate that it's large negotiation success
> (I know how concrete is bureaucracy in Poland), but we should only be
> happy of this crack in concrete, not of the files themselves, cause
> they are far below standards created by ''amateurs'' on Wikipedia.

Just to add this: Included are thousands of "official" photos which no
amateur would have access too because of a) timeline and b) access to
events. You just won't get any images like this from "amateurs" - only
from news agencys or commercial stock photography agencies.

Bye, Tim.


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