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Wikimedia News no. 28 - January 14, 2010

This year Italy joined for the first time the annual fundraising campaign
launched and organized by Wikimedia Foundation. We made this choice because
now we are listed in the register of Associations for Social Promotion, and
so the donations we receive are tax deductible; this could attract and
encourage further the potential donors. Wikimedia Italy joined the campaign
a few weeks later it started because we wanted to be sure to become an APS.

The worldwide result of this year's fundraising has been quite good: the
Foundation reached its target of 7.5 million dollars well ahead of schedule.
As for WMI, despite the late start and some unexpected obstacle on the way
(PayPal blocked our account on Christmas Eve because of the high traffic),
the fundraising can overall be judged satisfactory; the final result, with
more than 3,300 individual donations, exceeded the forecasts that the
hopeful Board members made at its start.

Donation amounted to more than 58,000 euro. After taking the expenses away,
approximately 26,000 euro will be sent to Wikimedia Foundation, while
approximately 32,000 euro remain available to the Association for promotion
and development of our projects.

We take this opportunity to thank especially all the members who wanted and
were able to become donors.

It is important to note that the fundraising also created the opportunity
for many people to approach to our Association as well as to the projects of
the Foundation; between mid-December and early January we enrolled 31 new
members. A hearty welcome among us to all of these people!

WMI Treasurer
2010 subscriptions campaign

Social year 2010 started. Everyone who became member of the Association
before October 1st, 2009 can renew their membership by sending their share
in the usual ways:

   - *money transfer* on the bank account of the Association (IBAN:
   - Moneybookers - use account *iscrizioni[image:
   - PayPal - use account *iscrizioni[image:
   wikimedia.it* (If you pay with PayPal, please add 2€ for commission

In all cases you should always send an email to *iscrizioni[image:
wikimedia.it* with the references and the receipt of the transaction, and
any other communications.

Further information is available at: Associazione:Rinnovi

What will happen

   - January 14, Florence: Laurentius and Aubrey will hold a lecture to
   Tuscan librarians about Wikipedia and the Municipalities project.
   - January 22, Bologna: Barcamp Accessibility and CMS 2010 (
   http://www.barcamp.org/Accessibilit%C3%A0-e-CMS-2010 ), organized by
   Emilia-Romagna region; some some members will attend it.
   - February 18, Florence: caffescienza ( http://www.caffescienza.it )
   about Wikipedia and Free Software.
   - Date yet to be determined:
a fondue among Wikipedians for knowing each other, chatting, pulling
   some ideas and discussing possible activities to be held in Italian-speaking
   Switzerland (not just Ticino).

News from our groups Wikimedia Roma

After the Christmas break we are back with the group. At the end of the
month we'll have a meeting to draw up a calendar of upcoming activities.

   - Thanks to a contact with Wikipedia OTRS service, All About Apple Museum
   of Valleggia (SV) ( http://www.allaboutapple.com/ ) released all the
   pictures on its website (unless otherwise specified) with a Creative Commons
   license cc-by-sa 2.5. Moreover, the museum staff is willing to make pictures
   of the items in the museum upon request.
   *Bravo!* and *thanks!* to the All About Apple Museum!

   - On 14 January a workshop will be held, with support by WMI, with
   librarians in Tuscany. The meeting aims to train participants on the culture
   and methods of the Wikimedia projects, among which are emphasizing
   Wikipedia, Commons, Wikisource. More information, including the agenda and
   materials used, may be found

News from our projects News from Biblioteca

Publication of *Il sapere
*, a book released under Creative Commons license by LASER Group, is going
News from Wiki at Home <http://www.wikimedia.it/index.php/Wiki@Home>

The second season of W at H ends with the shift between IlCorda (aka
DracoRoboter) and CristianCantoro as project manager. The second season
ended with a fall of the number of interviews compared to the previous year;
the project should therefore be relaunched in the new season (2009/2010).
Note the new format of the project Wiki at Home-Video, with its first reports;
the new formula (though still to be defined in detail) must certainly be
supported for the upcoming interviews.

We'll try and broaden participation in the project even among users of
Wikipedia or Wikinotizie, opening it also to contributions external to the
association. We really hope that this will also bring new members to WMI
itself; premium Wiki at Home (not awarded in 2008/2009) should be exploited in
this regard. Of course, we also seek volunteers within the association,
since there is much to be done (maintenance of the pages, proofreading,
etc.) To make a new proposal, what about a business card for the
wiki-reporters (a related proposal is discussed in depth in Proposal:Wikinews
Accredited Reporter Identity

News from WMF projects

   - *Wikipedia*: Wikipedia in Italian language won the 2009 Golden Shield
   Award 2009<http://www.centrostudiaraldici.org/notizie/1000420/premio-scudo-doro-2009-a-wikipedia.html>issued
by Heraldic Studies Center, for the category "generic heraldic sites"
discussion at it.wiki Village Pump).
   - *Wikiquote*: Community keeps working on an automatic filtering
   extension-based AbuseFilter
<http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/AbuseFilter>to spot at least some
insertion of new quotations without source, and warn
   users of the inconveniences of this practice, as per our
   before they even save the page.
technical details).
   - *Wikisource*:
      - Wikisource start a brand new homepage<http://it.wikisource.org/wiki/>,
      with a compete reorganization of content and graphics. Among the
      innovations, there is a page *Help Wikisource*, to invite new users to
      contribute to the project.
you too!
      - After a software update, it is now possible to load texts in .pdf
      format as images in parallel
texts<http://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Speciale:IndexPages>(the feature
was requested in 2007 and implemented only in August 2009, see
      technical details <http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/bugzilla:11215>).
   - *Wikiversity*: Community
   aiuto <http://it.wikiversity.org/wiki/it:Wikiversit%C3%A0:Progetto_aiuto>,
   designed to facilitate the growth of the project community.
   - *Wiktionary*:
      - The process of choosing the logo for Wiktionary is finally winding
      up: after the first vote in December, a ballot between the two most voted
      logos will be going throughout January. Participants from any
WMF project in
      any language may vote. The purpose of the selection, initiated
by Cary Bass,
      WMF Volunteer Coordinator, is to determine the final overall logo for
      Wiktionary (Wiktionary) in all languages, because different editions
      (especially the English one) have resisted the adoption of the
logo chosen
      by vote in 2006, and have maintained that the provisional one created
      earlier. It seems that the Italian community prefers to keep the
logo chosen
      in 2006.
      - After Wikiquote did in November, also Wiktionary has reached 10,000
      registered users. Wikiquote remains the italian project with
more registered
      users, after Wikipedia.
      - Community has started to consider seriously and to work on some
      projects to improve the content of Wiktionary, and in particular the
      inclusion of tens of thousands of
in some dictionary now into the public domain after the expiry of
      their copyright, and construction within Wiktionary of a Italian-Italian
      Sign Language (LIS)

Monthly strip

See it at http://www.wikimedia.it/images/Singloids201_eng.jpg (yes, it's in
English, don't worry :-) )


Reports from WM-IT may also be found at

ciao, .mau.
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