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Dimitar Parvanov Dimitrov dimitar.parvanov.dimitrov at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 07:39:30 UTC 2014

2014-06-24 17:41 GMT+02:00 Stevie Benton <stevie.benton at wikimedia.org.uk>:

> What's the Belgrade event? Is that for welcoming new people to the fold?
Hi Stevie,

Yes, it is about getting new volunteers/user-groups/activists on board.
Basically a networking and workshop thing.

The idea is to reach out to groups of volunteers/activits in countries
which haven't been very present on the EU level so far.

At the most basic level this means organising a two-day meet-up and telling
people how they can become active and help out with things that interest
them. It would be best to have even more organisations on board and then
everyone can cover a topic of expertise. For instance, if you're interested
in copyright reform, you talk to Wikimedia and if you're interested in data
protection, you talk to EDRi and so forth.

EDRi has been granted a small amount of money from the WebWeWant
Foundation, [1] so I am helping them run a pilot in Belgrade and invovling
Wikimedia Srbija in it.


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