[Advocacy Advisors] Let's Reach Out to MEPs - We Need National Coordinators for Mailing Campaign

Karl Sigfrid karl at wikimedia.be
Thu Dec 18 14:42:13 UTC 2014

Wikimedia UK recently executed a successful mailing campaign aimed at 
MEPs in their national constituency. Each MEP received a letter listing 
urgent copyright-reform needs along with an offer from WMUK to answer 
copyright-related questions that decision makers may have.[1]

We would like to try to replicate the mailing campaign in other EU 

Dimi has set up a wiki page where you can see the concrete steps that 
are needed to realize the plan.[2] To begin with we need wikimedians, 
staff or volunteers, who want to take on the role as national coordinators.

The coordinator's job is to make sure that the mail is prepared and 
sent, which involves a number of steps such as translation and gathering 

The ambition is to send out the letters in February and then to maintain 
the contacts that we establish. It is a great way to identify MEPs who 
are friendly to our goals and with whom we can work on future projects 
as well.

Right now, we need to find coordinators. If you would like to do this 
important job or if you know someone else in your country who would, 
that's great news! It's a very concrete and rewarding task for anyone 
interested in influencing policies, and we will provide the support that 
you need throughout the project.

Hope to hear from you!

Karl and Dimi


Karl Sigfrid
+32 487 94 76 30
karl at wikimedia.be

Rue du Trone 51
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