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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
1lib1ref #1Lib1Ref general list
Abstract-Wikipedia General public mailing list for the discussion of Abstract Wikipedia (aka Wikilambda)
Accounts-enwiki-l Internal discussion between the English Wikipedia's account creation team
Affcom-members The Affiliations Committee (formerly known as Chapters Committee, colloquially AffCom)
Affiliates Wikimedia Movement Affiliates discussion list
African-wikimedia-developers Mailing list for Africa Wikimedia Developers.
African-Wikimedians Mailing list for African Wikimedians
AI Application of Artificial Intelligence and other advanced computing strategies to Wikimedia Projects
All-affiliates Wikimedia Affiliates
Ambassador-announce-l Announcements for the Wikipedia Ambassador Program of English Wikipedia
Analytics A mailing list for the Analytics Team at WMF and everybody who has an interest in Wikipedia and analytics.
Analytics-announce Analytics team's announcements about upcoming infrastructure maintenance work (host reboots, dowtime, etc..) and software/tools upgrades.
Arbcom-cs [no description available]
ArtAndFem Mailing list for Art+Feminism
Audience-Research Mailing list for the Wikimedia Foundation's audience research project
Best-practices Best practices documentation team
Betacluster-alerts [no description available]
BiblioWiki Lista per coordinare wikibibliotecari
Bilderberg-l Working group on Bilderberg projects
Board-nominations [no description available]
Bureaucrats-nl-wikipedia NL Wikipedia Bureaucrat list
Celticknot [no description available]
Chairpersons Internal mailing list for the Wikimedia's affiliations chairpersons
Chapters-reports [OBSOLETE] Reports on Wikimedia Chapters activity
CheckUser-l Private communication for users with the Checkuser permission.
Cloud Wikimedia Cloud Services general discussion and support
Cloud-announce Announcements for users of Wikimedia Cloud Services
cochrane-announce mailing list for Cochrane Collaboration-Wikipedia initiative announcements
Collaboration-team Wikimedia Foundation Collaboration Team
Commons-l Wikimedia Commons Discussion List
Commons-POTY Commons Picture of the Year Committee (private list)
CommunityResources-l Mailing list for updates about Wikimedia Foundation Grants from the Community Resources team.
Covid-19-stats COVID-19 Statistics
CVN Countervandalism Network
Dagbani Dagbani Wikimedians Usergroup
Daily-article-he ערך ויקיפדיה מומלץ ביום
daily-article-l English Wikipedia Article of the Day
daily-image-l Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Day
Denkmal-AT Austrian Monuments Collaboration
Design Design.Public
Destacado-l El articulo destacado de Wikipedia en tu correo / Daily article (Spanish)
Deutschschweiz Internal communication between volunteers to plan and fix activities, to-dos
Digitization Mailing list for the Wikimedia Digitization User Group
Discourse test list to sync with
Discovery A public mailing list about Wikimedia Search and Discovery projects
Discovery-alerts Automated notifications to search platform team
Docker-SIG Mailing list for the MediaWiki Docker SIG
Don-Wikimedians Don Wikimedians User Group mailing list
Educacao-BR Lista do grupo Wiki Educação Brasil
Education Wikimedia Education
education-collab The Education Collaborative (Public List)
education-collab-private The Education Collaborative (Public List)
Education-nl Education program in the Netherlands
Education-SA Saudi Arabia Education Program mailing list
Eduwiki Wikipedia & Education User Group
Egyptopedia-l Egyptopedia - L'egyptologique de Wikipedia / Egyptology Wikipedia
Elf Education and Legislative Forum
ELiSo VMEO - Esperanto kaj Libera Scio [POSSIBLE RENAME]
ELiSo-anoncoj VMEO-anoncoj (Esperanto kaj Libera Scio) [POSSIBLE RENAME]
EngProd Engineering Productivity team at the Wikimedia Foundation.
EngProd-Mgt Engineering Productivity team manangement coordination
Festivalsommer-teilnehmer participants of the [[de:WP:Festivalsommer]] project
Foa-cron Mentors and students for the wikimedia-cron FOA project
Foreground Discussion about the Mediawiki skin Foreground (
Gendergap Addressing gender equity and exploring ways to increase the participation of women within Wikimedia projects.
GLAM Wikimedia & GLAM collaboration [Public]
GLAM-US North American Cultural Partnerships
GLAM-US-Consortium GLAM-Wiki U.S. Consortium advisory board
Global-renamers Internal discussions for global renamers.
Global-sysops Global sysops discussion list
GLOW A mailing list is for all Project GLOW operations teams
Gozetmen Turkish Wikipedia oversighters
greenspun-illustrations Discussion of the Philip Greenspun illustration project
Hackathonorganizers [no description available]
hch-working-group Community Health and Harassment working group
Huggle List for huggle developers and support
Iberocoop Lista pública de Iberocoop
Iberocoop-internal Lista de representantes de Iberocoop
Incubator the Wikimedia Incubator
Indic-wikisource Indic Wikisource related discussion of 12 languages
InfoBG-L Balgarskite proekti na Wikimedia / Bulgarian Wikipedia
iwsc International Wiki Scientific Conference general organization and scientific committee discussions
Langcom Wikimedia Foundation Language Committee
langcom-internal WMF Langcom (private)
Langcom-l WMF Langcom (private)
Languageconverter A list for LanguageConverter module authors, maintainers, and interested folks to coordinate maintenance and pose/answer technical questions on transliterations.
Languages Languages discussion and Wikimedia Indigenous Languages
Lessanspages A mailing list for les sans pagEs project
Libraries Wikimedia & Libraries
Librarycard-dev Uptime and error notifications for the Library Card platform
Local-dev Discussion of local development environments and topics
LocalGroups [OBSOLETE] Mailing lists for co-operation between local Wikimedia groups
Maps-l Map integration
MediaWiki-announce MediaWiki update and security announcements list
Mediawiki-api MediaWiki API announcements & discussion
Mediawiki-api-announce MediaWiki API announcements
MediaWiki-commits MediaWiki gerrit commits
MediaWiki-Debian Coordination around the MediaWiki packaging in Debian
MediaWiki-distributors [OBSOLETE] MediaWiki package maintainers
Mediawiki-enterprise MediaWiki for enterprises
Mediawiki-i18n MediaWiki internationalisation
MediaWiki-l MediaWiki announcements and site admin list
meta-oversight Meta-Wiki oversighters
MetaVid-l MetaVidWiki project discussion and development
metawiki-admins Meta-Wiki administrators
Mk-shared-knowledge [no description available]
Mobile-l Mobile server and supported mobile platforms
MoveCom Movement communications group mailing list
Multimedia Wikimedia Foundation Multimedia Team
Multimedia-Alerts Automated Multimedia Alerts
Newprojects Announcement list for new Wikimedia wikis
NewReaders Mailing list for the New Readers program at the Wikimedia Foundation
nwr-hist North-West Russia Wiki-Historians User Group
Offline-l Using Wikimedia projects and MediaWiki offline
OFWA Open Foundation West Africa mailing list
Open-GLAM A list for people interested in open access, open data and open content in the cultural heritage sector. See for more info about this community.
OpenAccess Open Access discussions
Otrs-ar Internal discussion list for Arabic OTRS volunteers
Otrs-de-l Liste fur die deutschsprachigen OTRS-Helfer / German OTRS discussion
Otrs-en-l English OTRS discussion list
Otrs-es Lista de discusion de OTRS en espanol / Spanish OTRS discussion
Otrs-fr Discussions OTRS en francais / French OTRS discussion
Otrs-he Hebrew OTRS discussion
Otrs-it-l Lista di discussione relativa a OTRS / Italian OTRS discussion
Otrs-ru Russian OTRS discussion
Otrs-zh 中文志工回覆團隊討論 / 中文志愿者回复团队讨论 / Chinese OTRS discussion
Oversight-ko-wp Korean Wikipedia Oversighters (discussion only)
Oversight-request-fiwiki-l Pyynnot pysyvien haivytysten suorittamiseksi suomenkielisesta Wikipediasta / Finnish Wikipedia oversighters
Oversight-wp-simple Requests to permanently remove personal information from the Simple English Wikipedia
packaging [no description available]
Phabricator-reports Automatic maintenance mails for Phabricator admins
Photoreporters A mailing list for photoreporters from Wikimedia Commons
Press-nl Wikimedia Nederland Press Releases
Privacy-fr-wp Discussions masqueurs en francais / French Wikipedia oversighters (privacy) discussion
Publicpolicy Publicpolicy Group for Wikimedia
Publicpolicy-private [no description available]
pywikibot Pywikibot discussion list
pywikibot-announce Pywikibot announcements
pywikibot-bugs Monitor updates to Bugzilla or Phabricator bug tracker
Pywikibot-commits Pywikibot-commits
QA-Alerts Mailing list for Quality Assurance alerts
Quarto-l Wikimedia newsletter discussion
Recruitment Internal list to facilitate contact with the recruitment team
Research-Internal Cross-departmental internal list for all researchers at the WMF
Research-newsletter Wikimedia Research Newsletter
Research-wmf Internal communication for the WMF Research team
Sectrainings WMF digital security trainings undertaken by T&S
Services Service development and REST API related discussions
Social-media Social media discussion list for Wikimedia projects
Spcom Sister Projects Committee
Staff-voice [no description available]
Stewards-l Private list for stewards
Strategy [ARCHIVED] Mailing list for discussion coordinators of the movement strategy process
Sustainability Environmental sustainability
Tawikisource Mailing list for discussions about Tamil wikisource / தமிழ் விக்கிமூலம்
Testeng Test Engineering Team
Testing [no description available]
testing-infrastructure Contact email list for all things testing infrastructure. This email list is monitored by the WMF Quality and Test Engineering team.
Textbook-l Wikimedia textbook discussion
toolforge-standards-committee List for the Toolforge standards committee
Toolhub-dev Discussion of Toolhub development
Tools-nlwikibots Mailing list to contact maintainers of the nlwikibots bot on
Toolserver-announce Wikimedia Toolserver Announcements
Translators-l Wikimedia Translators
Travel [no description available]
Treasurers Treasurers and finance staff and Audit Committees
Unblock-en-l Internal discussion between admins using the new Unblock Ticket Request System (UTRS)
Unblock-pt-l Unblock requests for Portuguese Wikipedia. Pedidos de desbloqueio para a Wikipédia Lusófona.
Unblock-zh 中文维基百科封禁申诉 / 中文維基百科封禁申訴 / Unblock request for zhwiki
Usjp-wikiclub Sri Jayewardenepura University Wiki Club
VereinAT-l Mailingliste von Wikimedia Österreich / mailing list of Wikimedia Austria (WMAT)
VereinDE-l Mailingliste zu Wikimedia Deutschland e. V. / mailing list of Wikimedia Deutschland e. V. Listenadministratoren: Kilian Kluge, Benni Bärmann und Moritz Rahm
VMEO-estraro Estraro Esperanto kaj Libera Scio (ELiSo / VMEO)
Volunteer-supporters [no description available]
Vvitwikiconnect Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology Wiki Club
WAM-announce Wikipedia Asian Month - announcements to local organizers
Wdqs-gui-build Private mailing list for WDQS GUI builds (T189810)
Wep For communication between all people of the Wikipedia Education Program
WIKI-BNCF coordination with National Library of Florence
Wiki-research-l [no description available]
WikiALS-l Alemanic Wikipedia discussion
Wikiapiary Communication about WikiApiary site
Wikiar-l Mailing list for Arabic Wikipedia Discussion
Wikibaseug Wikibase Community User Group
WikiBEtarask Belarusian Tarakievica Wikipedia mailing list
WikiBG-L Community list of bg.wikipedia
Wikibooks-bn Mailing list for the Bengali wikibooks
Wikibots-l Wikimedia bot editors discussion
WikiCA-l Els projectes Wikimedia en català / Wikimedia projects discussion in Catalan
WikiConference-India WikiConference India 2016
WikiCS-l ÄŒeskĂĄ Wikipedie / Czech Wikipedia
WikiDA-l Diskussionsliste for den danske Wikipedia / Danish Wikipedia discussion
Wikidata Discussion list for the Wikidata project
Wikidata-bugs Bug reporting list for the Wikidata project.
wikidata-oversight Wikidata oversight list for case discussion
Wikidata-tech Wikidata technical discussion
WikiDE-l Mailingliste der deutschsprachigen Wikipedia / German Wikipedia discussion
Wikidebate General mailing list for the Wikidebate project
WikiEL Greek Wikimedia Mailing List
WikiEN-l [ARCHIVED] English Wikipedia
WikiEO-l La esperanta vikipedio. / Esperanto Wikipedia discussion
Wikies-l Lista de correo de Wikipedia en espanol / Spanish Wikipedia discussion
Wikieu-l Euskarazko Wikipediaren posta-zerrenda / Basque Wikipedia discussion
Wikifa-l Persian Wikipedia Mailing List
Wikifarm [OBSOLETE] Discussion for managers of Wiki Farms
Wikifi-admin Suomenkielisen Wikipedian yllapitajat /Wiki-fi administrators
Wikifr-colloque-l [CLOSED] Colloque francophone 2007 sur Wikipedia / 2007 French Wikipedia Conference
WikiFR-l Liste de diffusion de la Wikipedia francophone / French Wikipedia discussion
Wikihe-l Hebrew Wikipedia discussion
Wikihi-l Hindi Wikipedia
Wikihu-l A magyar Wikipedia levelezolistaja / Hungarian Wikipedia discussion
Wikiid-l Indonesian Wikipedia discussion
WikiIS-l íslenska Wikipedia / Icelandic Wikipedia discussion
WikiIT-l Discussioni su Wikipedia in italiano / Italian Wikipedia discussion
WikiJA-l Mailing list of Japanese Wikipedia
WikiJournal-en WikiJournal User Group participants and followers
WikiJournal_CoC Mailing list of the Code of Conduct committee for the WikiJournal User Group
Wikikn-l Kannada Wikipedia Discussion List
WikiKO-l Korean Wikipedia Mailing List
Wikilabskultur mailing list for coordinating the Danish "Wiki Labs Kultur"-initiative
Wikilambda General mailing list for the discussion of Wikilambda
wikilovesafrica Wiki Loves Africa public list
wikilovesafrica-organizers Mailing list for coordination between members of the global team organising the Wiki Loves Africa contest. This is a private list for its members only
Wikilovesearth Wiki Loves Earth Photograph Competition
WikiLovesMonuments Wiki Loves Monuments Photograph Competition
WikiLovesPublicArt Wiki Loves Public Art Photograph Competition
Wikimania-cot Wikimania Core Organizing Team
Wikimania-l Wikimania general list (open subscription)
Wikimaps Mailing list for the Wikimaps project
Wikimedia-am [no description available]
Wikimedia-asia-chapters Asian Wikimedia Chapters coordination
Wikimedia-AU-Announce Wikimedia Australia Announcements
Wikimedia-AU-Members Wikimedia Australia Members list
Wikimedia-az Azerbaijani Wikimedians User Group
Wikimedia-BD Discussion list for Bangladeshi Wikimedians
Wikimedia-BD-Internal Wikimedia Bangladesh Internal List
Wikimedia-BO Wikimedistas de Bolivia
Wikimedia-boston Social list for Boston-area Wikimedia gatherings
Wikimedia-bpy Bishnypriya Manipuri language speakers across all Wikimedia platforms
Wikimedia-california Wikimedia California
Wikimedia-Cascadia Wikimedia Cascadia group mailing list
Wikimedia-CM Mailing list for Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group
Wikimedia-CO Lista de correos de Wikimedia Colombia / Mailing list for Wikimedia Colombia
Wikimedia-Cuteness Mailing list for the Wikimedia Cuteness Association
Wikimedia-DE-BY Bayern-Mailingliste fur Wikimedia-Projekte / Wikimedians in Bavaria
Wikimedia-dz The mailing list of the Algerian Wikimedians
Wikimedia-EC Lista de comunicación interna del grupo de usuarios Wikimedistas de Ecuador
Wikimedia-en-abuse Internal list used by the Wikipedia Abuse Response Team
wikimedia-eo VMEO - Esperanto kaj Libera Scio [POSSIBLE RENAME]
wikimedia-eo-anoncoj VMEO-anoncoj (Esperanto kaj Libera Scio) [POSSIBLE RENAME]
Wikimedia-fi Wikimedia Finland mailing list
Wikimedia-GE Wikimedia Georgia planning list
Wikimedia-genealogy Discussion about the Wikimedia genealogy project.
Wikimedia-GH Wikimedia Ghana User Group
Wikimedia-gin Communauté d'utilisateur Wikimédia Guinée Conakry
Wikimedia-il Wikimedia Israel mailing list
Wikimedia-il-assembly Wikimedia Israel General Assembly list
Wikimedia-IL-EDU Wikimedia Israel Education team
Wikimedia-IL-GLAM Wikimedia Israel GLAM coordination
Wikimedia-il-updates Wikimedia Israel updates
Wikimedia-IN-AMD Ahmedabad Wikimedians
Wikimedia-in-blr Mailing list for Wikimedians / Wikipedians in & from Bangalore, India
Wikimedia-in-chn Mailing list for Wikimedians / Wikipedians in & from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Wikimedia-in-cis Wikimedia India and the Centre for Internet and Society
Wikimedia-in-del Wikimedia Mailing List for New Delhi and NCR
Wikimedia-in-en Wikimedians working on India related content on English Wikipedia & related projects.
Wikimedia-in-hyd Mailing list for Wikimedians / Wikipedians in & from Hyderabad , India.
Wikimedia-in-member [no description available]
Wikimedia-IN-MLR Wikimedians in Mangalore, India
Wikimedia-in-mum Mailing list for Wikimedians / Wikipedians in & from Mumbai , India.
Wikimedia-in-newsletter Subscription list for Wikimedia India Newsletter
Wikimedia-in-newsletter-editors Wikimedia India Newsletter Editors
Wikimedia-IN-PUN Mailing list for Wikimedians in Pune, India
Wikimedia-in-WB Wikimedians in and from West Bengal, India
Wikimedia-iq Iraqi Wikimedians
Wikimedia-KH Wikimedia Cambodia/ Khmer Wikipedia
Wikimedia-kk Kazakh Wikipedia
Wikimedia-KR Mailing list for Wikimedians in South Korea
Wikimedia-KR-membership Private mailing list for members of the Wikimedians of Korea User Group
Wikimedia-l Wikimedia Mailing List
Wikimedia-levant Mailing list for Wikimedians of the Levant user group.
Wikimedia-LK Mailing list for the Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka (UG-LK)
Wikimedia-lv Wikimedians of Latvia User Group list
Wikimedia-MA Wikimedia Morocco User Group
Wikimedia-mai Maithili Wikimedians
Wikimedia-Medicine Wiki Medicine discussion
Wikimedia-mk Internal mailing list for Wikimedia Macedonia
Wikimedia-mm Myanmar Wikimedia Community User Group (MWCUG)
Wikimedia-MR A mailing list for Marathi Wikimedia contributors
Wikimedia-MX Wikimedia Mexico - lista abierta
Wikimedia-MY Wikimedia Malaysia Community
Wikimedia-nd Wikimedia User Group Niger Delta
Wikimedia-ng [no description available]
Wikimedia-no E-postliste for medlemmer av Wikimedia Norge / Wikimedia Norge Chapter
Wikimedia-Northern-Europe Mailing list for Wikimedia contributors based in Northern Europe
Wikimedia-nys discussion list for Noongar language projects
Wikimedia-PA Mailing list for the Punjabi Wikimedians user group
Wikimedia-PE Lista de correo para el grupo de usuarios Wikimedistas de Perú
Wikimedia-ped An announcement only mailing list for Learning and Evaluation
Wikimedia-PH Wikimedia Philippines mailing list
Wikimedia-PK Wikimedia affiliate in Pakistan
Wikimedia-RU Wikimedia Russia
Wikimedia-SAARC Wikimedia South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
Wikimedia-search A public mailing list about Wikimedia Search and Discovery projects
Wikimedia-search-private Internal communications for WMF search and discovery team
Wikimedia-SF San Francisco Bay Area Wikimedians
Wikimedia-SF-MakerFaire SF MakerFaire planning list
Wikimedia-SG Wikimedia Singapore
Wikimedia-SK Wikimedia SK
Wikimedia-SK-oznamy Oznamy Wikimedie Slovensko
Wikimedia-tamazight Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group
Wikimedia-Tchad The Wikimedia user group of Chad
Wikimedia-TH Wikimedians in Thailand
Wikimedia-tr Wikimedia Topluluğu Kullanıcı Grubu Türkiye
Wikimedia-ua-announce Wikimedia Ukraine's announces list
Wikimedia-us-chi [no description available]
Wikimedia-US-CO Wikimedians in Colorado
Wikimedia-US-FL Wikimedians in Florida
Wikimedia-US-GA-ATL Wikimedians in Atlanta, Georgia
wikimedia-us-ia Wikimedians of Iowa
wikimedia-us-ia-board [no description available]
Wikimedia-us-mn Minnesota Wikimedians
Wikimedia-US-MW Midwest US Chapter planning list
Wikimedia-US-NC North Carolina Wikipedians
Wikimedia-US-NYC-Discuss Wikimedia New York City Discussion list
Wikimedia-US-OH Ohio Wikimedians User Group, United States
Wikimedia-UY Wikimedia Uruguay mailing list
Wikimedia-vn Vietnam Wikimedians User Group
Wikimedia-wcuga Wikimedia Community User Group Albania
Wikimedia-yo Yoruba Wikimedians User Group
Wikimedia_NYC New York City Wikimedians
WikimediaAnnounce-l Announcements and reports of the Wikimedia movement
Wikimediaau-l Australian Wikimedians mailing list
WikimediaBE-l Wikimedia Belgium general list
WikimediaBR-l Lista de emails do Wiki Movimento Brasil
WikimediaBY Wikimedia Belarus email list
Wikimediach-de Wikimedians in Switzerland -German
Wikimediach-fr French language Wikimedians in Switzerland
Wikimediach-it Wikimedians in Switzerland -Italian
Wikimediach-l Wikimedians in Switzerland
Wikimediaco-L Lista de discusion de Wikimedia Colombia / Wikimedia Colombia Chapter
WikimediaCR Wikimedistas de Costa Rica
WikimediaCZ-l Wikimedia Česká republika Mailing List
WikimediaDK Wikimedia Denmark Chapter
Wikimediafr Wikimedia France alternate public mailing list
Wikimediafr-l Discussion a propos de l'association Wikimedia France / Wikimedia France Chapter
Wikimediahk Wikimedia Hong Kong, the Local Wikimedia Chapter in Hong Kong
WikimediaHR Wikimedia Croatia Chapter
WikimediaIE Wikimedia IE
Wikimediaindia-l Wikimedia India Community list
WikimediaMY Wikimedia Malaysia Community
Wikimedianl-l De mailinglijst voor de Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland / Wikimedia Netherlands Chapter
WikimediaNZ-l Proposed New Zealand Wikimedia User Group
Wikimediapa-l Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Wikimedians
WikimediaPL-l Lista dyskusyjna polskiego afilianta Wikimedia – Wikimedia Polska
WikimediaPT Lista de discussão da Wikimedia Portugal
Wikimediareference-l Discussion about the use reference sources by Wikimedians
WikimediaRS-INFO Wikimedia Serbia Info
WikimediaRU-l Wikimedia RU internal
Wikimediasr-l Mailing list for all Wikimedia projects in Serbian language
WikimediaUA The Ukrainian Wikimedia Chapter Members List
Wikimediauk-l UK Wikimedia mailing list
Wikimediaus-l Wikimedians Active in Local Regions of the United States (WALRUS)
WikiMediterraneans [no description available]
Wikimk-l Macedonian Wikipedia
Wikiml-l Malayalam Wikimedia Project Mailing list
Wikimy-l Myanmar Wikipedia mailing list
Wikinews-accreditation An internal mailing list for verifying accreditation requests
Wikinews-de-l Liste des deutschen Wikinews-Projekts / German Wikinews projects
Wikinews-FA Discussion list for Persian Wikinews
Wikinews-hotline Incoming voicemails submitted to the Wikinews Hotline
Wikinews-l Wikinews mailing list
Wikinews-pl Lista dyskusyjna i kontaktowa polskiej wersji Wikinews
Wikinews-SR-l Serbian Wikinews Email list
Wikinews-zh 中文维基新闻邮件列表 / 中文維基新聞郵件列表 / Mailing list for Chinese Wikinews
WikiNL-l De discussielijst van de Nederlandstalige Wikipedia / Dutch Wikipedia discussion
Wikinn-l Nynorsk Wikipedia
WikiNO-l Norsk diskusjonsliste / Norwegian Wikipedia discussion
Wikipedia-af Discussion list for Afrikaan speaking contributors
Wikipedia-AS অসমীয়া ৱিকিপিডিয়া / Assamese Wikipedia
Wikipedia-BN বাংলা উইকিপিডিয়া
Wikipedia-bn-help Bangladesh Wikipedia help
Wikipedia-CAK Kaqchikel Wikipetya' / Kaqchikel Wikipedia discussion
Wikipedia-en-editfilters English Wikipedia edit filter manager mailing list
Wikipedia-en-signpost-priv Newsroom chat
Wikipedia-fa-tech Mailing list of technical discussions in Persian Wikipedia
Wikipedia-fr-comite-nomination Liste de coordination des membres du comit� de nomination de Wikip�dia en fran�ais. Coordination list for French Wikipedia OS & CU nominators.
Wikipedia-FR-Wikimag Wikimag (french "Wikipedia Signpost")
Wikipedia-gu Discussion on Gujarati Wiki Projects
Wikipedia-Humanities Mailing list for humanities-based outreach in the Wikipedia community
Wikipedia-ja-del Wikipedia-JA sysops and eliminators
Wikipedia-KO-Admins Private discussion amongst Korean Wikipedia admins
Wikipedia-l Wikipedia mailing list
Wikipedia-Library Mailing list for the Wikipedia Library project
Wikipedia-mai Discussion list for the Maithili Wikipedia
Wikipedia-ne [no description available]
Wikipedia-OR Odia Wikipedia
Wikipedia-PA Punjabi Wikipedia
Wikipedia-pt-saude Lista do Wikiprojeto Saúde na Wikipédia em português
Wikipedia-sah Sakha Wikipedia mailing list
wikipedia-sat Santali Wikipedia
Wikipedia-SQ Albanian Wikipedia mailing list
WikiPL-l Lista dyskusyjna polskojęzycznej Wikipedii / Polish Wikipedia discussion
WikiPT Portuguese Wikipedia
Wikiquality-l Wikimedia Quality Discussions
Wikiquote-l Mailing list for the Wikiquote projects
Wikiro-l [CLOSED] Romanian Wikipedia discussion
Wikisa-l Discussion on Sanskrit wikipedia
Wikisource-l discussion list for Wikisource, the free library
Wikispecies-admin Discussion list for the administrators of Wikispecies
Wikispecies-l Mailing list for Wikispecies, a free species directory
Wikispore Wikispore experimental project
Wikita-l Tamil Wikipedia
WikiTe-L తెలుగు వికీపీడియా చర్చ / Telugu Wikipedia discussion
Wikitech-ambassadors Coordination of technology deployments across languages/projects
Wikitech-l For developers discussing technical aspects and organization of Wikimedia projects
Wikitext-l Parsoid and wikitext discussion
Wikitr-l Turkce Wikipedia listesi (Turkish Wikipedia mailing list)
WikiUK-l Список розсилки української Вікіпедії / Ukrainian Wikipedia discussion
Wikiur-l Mailing list for Urdu Wiki's
Wikiversity-l Mailing list for Wikiversity
Wikiversityde-l German Wikiversity
Wikivi-l Mailing list for Vietnamese Wikipedia
Wikivideo-l Opportunities for video in the Wikimedia universe - tech help
Wikivoyage-fa Discussion list for Persian Wikivoyage
Wikivoyage-l Wikivoyage Mailing List
Wikivoyage-PL Polish Wikivoyage mailing list/Lista dyskusyjna Wikipodrozy
Wikiwomencamp Participants in Wikiwomen Camp 2017
WikiX-l Planning for WP 10th anniversary - ARCHIVED
Wikizh-bureaucrats mailing list to provide internal communication for bureaucrats of zh.wikipedia
Wikizh-l 中文维基百科邮件列表/中文維基百科郵件列表/Mailing list for the Chinese Wikipedia
Wiktionary-l The Wiktionary ( mailing list
WiktionaryDE-l Wiktionary auf Deutsch / German Wiktionary discussion
Wiktionarypt-l Portuguese Wiktionary
Wiscom Wiki Indaba Steering Committee
WLL public mailling list for anything related to the Wiki Loves Love photo contest
WLM-Announce the announcements-only mailing list for the Wiki Loves Monuments competition
WMC-general 中国大陆维基人用户组
WMC-liaisons Wikimedians of Mainland China's Liaisons
wmfkids A list for Wikimedia Foundation parents
WMNO-Sami [no description available]
Women-iberocoop-contest List to organize the contest The women you have never met
WP.Epilepsy The ILAE Wikipedia project is an attempt to revive WP:Epilepsy
wpwp Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos
Wpwp-organizers Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos Organizing Team
Wren Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network
Wwh Wiki World Heritage User Group
Xmldatadumps-l Discussion List for Wikimedia's XML Database Dumps
XTools Discussion list for xTools

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