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I am writing in response to the call of developers for xTools on Wikipedia. 


I have previously been a Core member in the LxCenter team, which released the open source web hosting control panel Kloxo and the VPS control panel HyperVM. I work as both a PHP developer and a sysadmin there, as I also find sponsorship on behalf of LxCenter and manages the sponsored server although another developer manages the main web server etc. 


I currently develop with Laravel, although for simpler application I use packages from Packgist (e.g. Plates) and I personally think Laravel would be the best way to go, considering the a MVC implementation is desirable and it provides many useful functions e.g. an excellent ORM, code injection interface and template engine.


I am afraid I don’t have 10-15 years of experience and I self-learnt PHP. That being said, I am very willing to learn new stuffs. I am willing to commit to the project. I generally respond to messages in 24 hours and can commit for at least 2 hours per week during term time.


Best wishes,