I’ve spent nearly a day today get at least one tool to even load on my computer, mainly revision history statistics tool.  I’ve had absolutely no luck getting it to work.  Unless someone else would like to try, I’m declaring xTools to be unmovable and therefore cannot be moved to xtools.wmflabs.org with our dedicated environment to stabilize xTools. L  If no one objects, I would like to move to plan B and get wikihistory temporarily ported to the new environment or the toollabs environment as a temporary replacement to the broken articleinfo tool.  That way we at least have the important tools working again for the time being.  We should consider moving straight to building a rewrite, one that’s maintainable, portable, and most importantly stable.


Elee, if no one objects to this plan, would you object to rebuilding the instances, at least the dev ones, with the newest available Linux version and the latest PHP version?



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