Those of you that rely on the abstracts dumps will have noticed that the content for wikidata is pretty much useless.  It doesn't look like a summary of the page because main namespace articles on wikidata aren't paragraphs of text. And there's really no useful summary to be generated, even if we were clever.

We have instead decided to produce abstracts output only for pages in the main namespace that consist of text. For pages that are of type wikidata-item, json and so on, the <abstract> tag will contain the attribute 'not-applicable' set to the empty string. This impacts a very few pages on other wikis; for the full list and for more information on this change, see

We hope this change will be merged in a week or so; it won't take effect for wikidata until the next dumps run on April 20th, since the wikidata abstracts are already in progress.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.