I also propose to schedule dumps according their importance. For example by article counts. 

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On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 7:59 PM, Richard Jelinek <> wrote:

we're basically mirroring all the generated dumps, extract them,
harvest data etc. Lately I came to examine some of the more exotic
languages and to my surprise they were even more exotic than I
thought. I propose to ditch them.

Afar (aa) Wikipedia

latest at our servers is with 22974 bytes
(we convert into iso639-3)

It seems the wiki has been closed or moved into incubator:

Nevertheless in the xmldumps this wiki keeps showing up and pretending
something is there. I believe we'd be all better off if dums of this
would cease.


Basically the same applies for Ndonga Wikipedia

But the xmldumps keep pouring in:


etc. Same story with several other wikimedia projects in other languages.

So in general: Could we stop dumping closed projects?

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