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Nice work.

2012/1/23 Ariel T. Glenn <>
Good morning campers! :-)

At the POTY collection link
you'll notice that the 2009 files have been added.

For people who have wanted older (2002 through 2006) dumps, one or two
dumps of the projects for most of that period are now online at our new
archive link:

I'd love to get a couple dumps of each of the projects for the years
2005, 2007 and 2008.  If you have an old mirror on a hard drive
gathering dust in your closet, give me a shout.  Thanks!

Hmm, and one other thing while I'm at it, I've been cleaning up our
dumps documentation on wikitech, and there's now a rough outline of the
dumps history here:
If people remember any milestones that should be added there, or if you
see any glaring errors, please edit, or send me mail with the


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