Happy holidays!

This issue has already been reported at T121348 [1], so you are not alone. Ariel is already looking into it.

[1]: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T121348

On 28 Dec 2015, at 18:18, Luigi Assom <luigi.assom@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Wikiteam!

just in time to say have a good vacation and happy 2016 :)

well I am also here about corrupted files :)

I downloaded three times from different wifi networks and using download managers from Firefox:


and two times:


MD5 checksum is correct (*-latest-* have checksum of -*20151201-*)

but file is corrupted.

Cannot use bzip2recover for file is too large and I should recompile it because it will have more than maxlimit of generated tokens... and I think it is way better to take a fixed file :D

Could you please check if I am the only one having this issue?

dumps from other languages had worked fine for me, en-* is problematic.

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