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On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 11:31 AM, 蔡超 <toppiprc@gmail.com> wrote:

I want to install a zh-wiki mirror. I have tried several dumps, there are always some errors.
Error 1: when I visit any wiki pages, explorer says "'mw.util.addPortletLink' is null or not an object"
Error 2: Templates can not be converted into proper html code, as the picture attached.
Error 3: Can not translate Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Here is my steps to build the mirror:
1. download latest dumps(zhwiki-20110521), mwdumper java source and mediawiki 1.7.0.beta,
2. install mediawiki with name "Wikipedia", the localsetting.php is attached.
3. alter database table "page", "revision" and "text", remove key constrain, auto_increment and index.
4. import page-article.xml with mwdumper.jar
5. alter database table "page", "revision" and "text", add key constrain, auto_increment and index.
6. import zhwiki-20110521-image.sql, imagelinks.sql, interwiki.sql, iwlinks.sql, langlinks.sql, pagelinks.sql, redirect.sql, templatelinks.sql.

Is there anything wrong with my operations?

Best regards