Yes, ran into the same thing adding something to toys/, and from my shell hist I think I switched using:

git pull https://[user] ariel

I, too, am a git n00b (still using svn at work, alas), so a little unsure if that's all correct.

On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 1:42 PM, Petr Onderka <> wrote:
I think you need to switch to the 'ariel' branch of the dumps repository.

Petr Onderka

On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 10:38 PM, wp mirror <> wrote:
Dear Ariel,

I am glad to read that the patches mentioned in my previous e-mail are
welcome, and would now like to submit them.  I have however run into a
snag for which I may need your advice.

0) Accounts

I have set up an account with username `wpmirrordev', and have posted
SSH public keys to:

I have confirmed shell access to:

(shell) ssh -A

1) GIT

I set up git and git-review:

(rootshell) aptitude install git git-review
(shell) git clone ssh://
(shell) scp -p -P 29418
(shell) cd dumps
(shell) git review -s
(shell) git pull origin master

1) xmlfileutils

I crawled the cloned dumps directory, but did not find the
`xmlfileutils' directory, or the files for which I would like to
submit patches.

Please advise.

Sincerely Yours,

On 5/7/13, Ariel T. Glenn <> wrote:
> Στις 07-05-2013, ημέρα Τρι, και ώρα 15:00 -0400, ο/η wp mirror έγραψε:
>> Dear Ariel,
>> 0) INTRO
>> I am close to releasing WP-MIRROR 0.6.  It will exhibit reliability
>> and performance improvements in all areas of operation.
>> As a part of the development process, I have been testing `mwxml2sql'
>> with a view towards using it to replace `importDump.php' in WP-MIRROR
>> 0.6.  These tests have worked out well.
>> There are however some issues that I should discuss with you.
>> 1) Packaging
>> I distribute WP-MIRROR as a DEB package.  In order to use `mwxml2sql',
>> I would have to package your tools as a separate DEB package.  This I
>> have done.  However, in the process, I had to apply some patches; and
>> the question now arises as to how to submit them upstream.
>> 2) Makefile
>> I have patched the `Makefile' that you distribute with `mwxml2sql'
>> because:  a) the `install' target must use `install' rather than `mv';
>> and b) it lacked a `deinstall' target.  Both changes are required by
>> Debian policy.
>> 3) Man pages
>> Man pages are also required by Debian policy.  To that end, I have
>> written man pages for `mwxml2sql', `sql2txt', and `sqlfilter'.
>> However, the better approach would be to patch those tools so that man
>> pages could automatically be generated using `help2man'.  The later
>> approach has the benefit of eliminating duplication, and hence, helps
>> keep code and documentation in sync.
>> 4) Upstream
>> I would like to know:
>> a) if patches are welcome upstream; and, if so,
> Yes please.  We love patches and bug fixes.
>> b) what procedures you prefer for submitting, reviewing, and applying
>> patches; and
> As Jeremy says, we have a gerrit repo so that's the place to do it.
>> c) whether you would prefer that I submit the man pages I wrote, or
>> submit patches to your utilities to make them compatible with
>> `help2man'.
> If you can use the usage message stuff alrady in there to make help2man
> work then that would be best, so that future updates (if there are any)
> can automagically make it into the man page.
>> Sincerely Yours,
>> Kent
> Thanks for doing this work!
> Ariel

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