You should probably take a look at DBpedia.

Go to and try this query:

select distinct * where {
  ?song <> <> .
  ?song rdf:type <> .
  ?song <> ?artist .
  ?song <> ?runtime .
limit 100

If that's interesting for you there is more info at:

In that case, the right list would be:


On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 4:45 PM, Venkatesh Channal <> wrote:

I would like to fetch all page text information of all wiki pages that belong to a movie category. Eg:

>From the page text I would like to extract information related to song title, song length, singer, name of movie/album etc. I am not interested in extracting images just the information about the song.

My questions:

1) Is there a way to download only those pages that I am interested in that belong to a particular category instead of downloading the entire dump?

2) Is it required to have PHP knowledge to install the db dump on a local machine?

3) Are there are tools that extract the information and provide the required data to be stored in MySQL database?

If this is not the right forum to have my questions answered could you please redirect me to the appropriate forum.

Thanks and regards,
Venkatesh Channal

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