The October run will go as scheduled.  What you are seeing now is the partial run that doesn't include history dumps; it ought to complete for all wikis in 2-3 days.

No idea about the labs rsync.  I can have a look later today at the host where the files should land and see if there's anything curious in the logs.  Do you mind creating a phab ticket for that and assigning it to me?


On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 7:48 AM, Bryan White <> wrote:
No dumps were transferred at the beginning month until I complained on the wmflabs mailing list..  Dumps started, but only those  that had finished were transferred.  Other dumps, such as the still processing enwiki were never transferred.

No dumps from the mid-month runs have transferred.

Strangely, enwiki and wikidata are processing.  That wasn't supposed to happen?  This will delay beginning month's dump.

Asking two Greeks for help.  Oh, why have I debased myself like this?


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