Good evening, I hope this is an appropriate place for this question.

I've been trying to import the current enwiki dump from Oct. Using Mwdumper it runs fine until hitting 247,000 records and then mysql throws one of the following 2 errors.

Error (2006 I think it was) Mysql went away
Error (2013) Lost connection to mysql server

I've tried several things on the mysql end including increasing the innodb_log_file_size

and increasing max_allowed_packets.

All suggestions by a few web resources. Still to no avail..

I'm not sure where to true issue is or how to go about correcting it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm running latest version of mediawiki, importing the october 2013 dump and mysql version 5.6.12 via WAMP, and mwdumper 1.16

thanks in advance