Yep, it looks like a mixture of old and new versions of the dumps. Ariel: Shouldn't the new files be copied over to the latest only after the whole dump is completed? This mixture of September and October dumps is quite weird and confusing. :(

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It is a bit confusing that
has newer hash values that aren't in
http://dumps.wikimedia.org/enwiki/latest/enwiki-latest-md5sums.txt. I'm
guessing that the "latest" md5sums files get updated only at the end of
a cycle when all dumps for the month have been completed? (In other
words, the idea is that the "latest" directory contains backups that
have been *completed*, and the md5sums file isn't complete until *all of
the other backups* which it is going to reference are complete.) I was
expecting the "latest" md5sums file to have "rolling" content matching
the rolling content of the "latest" directory itself. If the latter is
possible without too great of administrative hassle, it could be a nice
feature. Otherwise, it would seem that "latest-md5sums" is almost always
outdated relative to the other files in "latest".


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