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Thank you for your work in organizing this meeting and documenting it.

UPDATE on etherpad use:
I was able to export only text and HTML from the old one (without revisions or edit-ownership; full export timed out), but event that was not amazing export when I re-imported it at https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/WREN_notes_test...Looks like we should contact admin of Etherpad to check if it will be eventually destroyed and if it can be saved. It could be that they need to install AbiWord as import-export processor on server side, as well as to manually do fullexport-backup.

+ would add my comments into etherpad
I was thinking a bit about what and how we do things as a group and have few suggestions:

#0 sum of all painting triggered my thinking today in direction of project brainstorming...now i feel there should be a better format to do this.
among budget cuts, codes of coduct or rebranding - this feels much more energizing though it felt quick and unexpected detour.

#1 establishing at leasttelegram group that could facilitate (almost) real-time (also non text) (non recorded) communication and networking if needed. my preference is to use it with audio for brainstorming like today

#2 establishing a small research project that could support knowledge-transfer and possible discourse and plan development of what could be the roles of WiRs and WREN in mid term and long term (strategic) development of Wiki ecosystem and digital commons

Best Z

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Join here: https://meet.wmcloud.org/wren

Wed July 8, 12pm – 1pm Eastern Time - New York  

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