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Here is another update on the planning and summit process.






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Hey all,


Week by week, we are coming closer to the Wikimedia Summit – and you might ask: What can I do to prepare myself for the event? What are the next steps towards the event? What will we do at the Wikimedia Summit? I’ll try to give you a compact overview and answers to these questions.



·         Compared to previous years, we are a bit less communicating from the organizers’ side at the moment, because we would like you to focus on the ongoing Community Conversations around the movement strategy recommendations. Feedback is collected from across online communities, affiliates and the WMF until February 21

·         As soon as these conversations are concluded, the movement strategy core team will create a report on these conversations, that you can review between March 2 and 6.

·         This report will serve as the main input for the integration meeting of the recommendations which will take place from March 10 to 12 in New York. At this meeting, former working group members, the core team, Katherine Maher and Ryan Merkley will meet to incorporate all the feedback collected over the last few weeks, and create the final set of recommendations. These will be published between March 23 and 27, and will be the working document at the Wikimedia Summit.

·         We expect the WMF Board of Trustees to approve these final recommendations in the week before the Wikimedia Summit, March 27 to April 3.

You can find a handy timeline here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/155rHcDNAcI3D7iOynX0xtb86LDTE0FoMXVg3cB345Jw/edit#gid=0


Preparation for the Wikimedia Summit

·         To make it clear: We will not edit, change, or modify the recommendations at the Wikimedia Summit. By then, they will be set. On the first day of the Wikimedia Summit, we aim to get all participants on the same page and to create a shared understanding of the recommendations.

·         The recommendations consist of so-called “Expected Outcomes” (like: “Establish a Movement Charter”, “Create a Code of Conduct”, etc.). On the second and third day, we will discuss which of these outcomes the organizations and groups should work on first (Prioritization). Also, we will discuss which outcomes depend on each other and need to be done prior to others, or can run in parallel (Sequencing). Ideally, you discuss these two actions – prioritization and sequencing – inside your affiliate before you come to the Wikimedia Summit.

·         Finally, we will explore which organizations and groups could take over which responsibilities during implementation and what kind of support is needed to initiate a successful implementation process. We are still working on a method to actually have these difficult conversations.  We would appreciate it if you start discussing what role you can see for your organization taking in implementing these “expected outcomes”. 


Starting from March 4, we will offer onboarding calls for all participants, at least 2 to 3 per week, with different timings for different time zones. If you have a question, if you need more clarity on the things mentioned above, I would urge you to attend one of these calls. Members of the Strategy Core Team will attend as well to answer any process-related questions.


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