I am not sure I'll be able to attend the meeting, but I am very interested in this topic (I'll join if I can; but I might only be able to look at the notes afterwards, in case you take some).

@Amanda, I am a new WiR and I am also at a social and human sciences university. I started a couple of weeks ago and have also been "struggling" a bit with the GLAM focus, which is rather different than what I am and will be doing. Let's stay in touch :)


Željko Blaće <zblace@mi2.hr> escreveu no dia terça, 15/03/2022 à(s) 11:39:

Dear Amanda and ALL, 
we can start with a short 30min meeting this Saturday or alternatively Sunday if that works for others? Who else can-would join?

On Mon, Mar 14, 2022 at 7:06 PM Amanda Lawrence <amanda.lawrence@rmit.edu.au> wrote:

Hi Zeljko,

Thanks for the suggestion, sorry for the slow response. I'm in CET +10 (Aust Eastern Day Time or AEDT) so it does get tricky. 
Currently 1pm CET is 11pm AEDT and 7 am ET (daylight savings will end here soon and start other places so may change by an hour). So 1pm CET or earlier would be great for me. I'd love to attend a meeting at some point and get to meet people. 

Thank you for elaborating. Hope others join in also.
Something I've noticed is a lot of the info on WiR is focussed on GLAM orgs but I am in a Research Centre so there are quite different issues and content editing is definitely something I need to do, with colleagues, but also directly myself.

Understandable. Mind you there are other WiRs in academia and elsewhere (I am in NGO now) so there are huge differences indeed (can relate to that easily).
So it was quite confusing at the beginning seeing that some guides say no paid editing while others say it is fine (for English Wikipedia) and Wikidata seems to be no problem.

I gave up on absolute coherence in Wikimedia after finding similar (but also sometimes opposing) info and guidance in different corners on Wikimedia, so I hope you are not discouraged with this situation, but rather proactive to help advance and articulate some aspects :-)
There is a big community in health but I am in a social science area so trying to adapt health approaches to a far more diverse and disparate community and subject area.

I hear you. Wikimedia Foundation Research team work is also done without a single social science person, but that is hopefully going to change in the future...
I'm also interested in working with Wikidata but still trying to work out how that would be effective for my organisation and the field. 

Join the (big) club. Many try to do this in different fields, while those who already know it also keep expanding their agenda.
If anyone has any good links on being a WiR in a social science field I would love to hear about them.

I would also love to have us look at this together and come up with a good way to establish an overview of WiRs across topics and fields (timeline exists).
Best Z. Blace

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