I can not remember if I posted the link to the Wikimania proposal : https://wikimania.eventyay.com/2024/talk/review/EGFJNMN3MF8FNGJSPKANFCELC7FEA9ZY

I still have not found out how to add co-speakers... does anyone know ?



Le 02/04/2024 à 03:02, Andrew Lih a écrit :
Hi all, 

Deadline is approaching, though I have it on decent authority that the deadline will be extended at least a few days.

I'm happy to be part of the WREN roundtable focusing on WiR challenges/approaches, though since I'm proposing some other sessions, I'm happy to take a "back seat" on this one and defer to others.

Note that there is also "yet another" GLAM panel organized with Sandra Fauconnier, Susanna Anas, Larissa Borck and others re: "Towards a cultural commons..." which has overlap with WiR but with a particular focus.

I still find the closing words of Lane Rasberry and Mike Dickison from last year's Wikimania panel ringing in my ears: 

"There's a problem in that the free tools that we use to measure impact are broken... they are broken because it's no one's job to maintain them. Our livelihoods and jobs depend on this. Institutions are canceling Wikimedian in residence contracts because there's now no way to demonstrate impact. This is a critically important problem for the community to discuss. We need some solutions. We need commitment. We need commitment from the foundation otherwise the job of a Wikimedian in residence will disappear."

So one aspect of the panel could be to reassess the situation in light of this comment, in 2024.

Last year's session page:


On Thu, Mar 28, 2024 at 10:54 AM Florence Devouard <fdevouard@gmail.com> wrote:


So so far, we do have
* Andrew talk about GLAM CSI
* Possibly a roundtable with at least Jamie, Lane, Andrew and myself (anyone else interested ?)
* A peer to peer WIR meetup for networking (which may be conflated with the above in fact... meet-ups spots are often a bit challenging at Wikimania; easier to set-up in smaller conferences)

Anyone else ?


Le 27/03/2024 à 03:13, Andrew Lih a écrit :
I'll be there too! I am going to propose a session related to my new project which I'm happy to expand to include others or we could propose another one dedicated to another wikimedian in residence topic. 

-Andrew Lih
Smithsonian Institution - Wikimedian at Large
Metropolitan Museum of Art - Wikimedia strategist
Previously: professor of journalism and communications, American University, Columbia University, University of Southern California

On Wed, Mar 27, 2024 at 4:39 AM Lane Rasberry <lanerasberry@gmail.com> wrote:
I will be there

I talked last year; would join and support a session but others should talk.

Instead of a session or in addition to a session would like a wiki in residence meetup for peer to peer networking

Lane Rasberry