Dear All -
Last December 6th special meeting event
on Wikipedia and NFT with a few invited guests
made me think we could do meeting that are relevant
beyond our immediate scope and be more visible...
...but also last week I was almost topic-banned
on HR Wikipedia (Croatian) as none of the Admins knew
what Wikimedian in Residence is and were thinking
it is either paid editing or problematic self-promotion 
(when I was actually unemployed :-)))
So after a successful event and a monthly HR drama,
I am thinking what can we do better to increase
WiR and WREN visibility on Wikipedia and Wikimedia.

For people coming from most of the arts the notion of
artist-in-residence is super familiar and easy to relate to,
but average Wikipedian (if there is such thing)
has very few chances to come across this term
as well as to grasp what Wikimedian in Residence is.
Only 27 Wikipedia instances have articles on WiRs

What could be good strategies to change that?

15 years ago (so we missed it by a week)
on December 13, 2006 we got this text as a start

Maybe we can draft something short quickly today
and just pass it on later in the day to Wikimedia-L
and potentially to the DIFF Blog of WMF?


Best Z