Summary: please note the final deadline of 31 October. This is a hard deadline. If you have problems with your jury, please ask the international team for help as soon as possible.

Dear all,

let me give a quick recap of what the international process looks like: 
* National juries (of at least 3 jurors) start now to work, and use October to come to a decision on the national winners. (countries might use popular vote)
* The national juries/popular vote must select maximum 10 pictures for the international finale. This is usually the top-10 of the national competition, but there can be exceptions (for example, if there are special categories). This is up to the national jury to decide. 
* If the national jury wants to submit less than 10 pictures, that is possible. They could theoretically also decide that no picture is good enough for an international finale - in such a case, please submit that decision explicitely. 
* Please try to submit your 10 nominees as soon as possible, ideally before 25 October. Definitely submit them BEFORE 31 OCTOBER, this is a hard, final deadline. 
* You can submit the 10 nominees by letting one of the jury members or the main organizer send an email with the 10 URL's to lodewijk [at] and monica.joana11 [at] - please make sure the main contact person in your team is always in cc, so that we know the email is genuine. 
* It is possible to submit your nominees confidentially. We will not publicly announce the nominees (except for the international jury report of course - expected begin of December), we expect the national team to do that. Please link your official announcement on . On this page we will also create a gallery page with the winning pictures. 
* If you already know when you will send the nominees, please add the date on the overview too. Please also add that on . 

If you have any problems with setting up a jury process, please contact the international team (me for example) as soon as possible! We have a few people in backup that have offered their help to assist as jury member in another country. There is no shame in asking for this kind of help - it would be a shame though if something goes wrong! Please note that to avoid conflicts of interest etc. we ask all countries to make sure that the jury consists of /at least/ three members. 

Looking forward to lots of amazing pictures,

Lodewijk Gelauff
member of the international team