Hi all,

thanks everyone for your hard work! I know that in some countries it was even harder than in most, but I'm proud you all managed to send in some nominations. We have received in total 503 nominations from 51 competitions (52 countries). 

Minor request: it seems the tool can't handle well files being moved. I would appreciate it if we could somehow not move the files during the judging process :) I know there's no perfection possible here since not all nominees are known, but keep an eye out please. 

A few more requests:
* Please help make sure all nominees fit the criteria. Most specifically, the 'is an identified monument' criterium is not always followed. Meaning, that not all photos that won a competition, have the monument clearly identified with its identifier. This you can help with, by going through the published winning photos and tagging them. 
* Please create & fill a category with the nominated pictures. Probably we want to create a template for this again like last year. 
* If someone could set up a thankyou template that can be delivered to the nominated authors, that would be awesome too. 

The jury just started its first round - no more changes are possible to the nominees. 
I expect outcomes of the jury process by the end of November. We will publish them around 10 December - giving us time to contact the winners, prepare a press release and jury report. We will also get in touch with the 'winning chapters' a few days before the release. 

Thanks all for making it possible that an amazing number of awesome photos have been uploaded,