yeah, we have extremely good experiences with Mr.Stallman :) I am sure he can write a wonderful pieces about Linux vs GNU/Linux...

2010/11/29 Cristian Consonni <>
2010/11/29 Sue Gardner <>:
> Hey folks,
> In addition to our own parties and events, I think it makes sense for
> us to invite public intellectuals to reflect publicly on the meaning
> and impact of Wikipedia, for the 10th. I'm thinking about asking both
> Timothy Garton Ash and Tim Wu to write about us, and I asked James
> Forrester the other day to urge Tim Berners-Lee to do it too.  (I
> don't know why they are all Tims, LOL. That's an accident.)

Thank you Sue, that's a nice idea.

I think you guys at the Foundation should ask for a public
speech/intervention/contribution about WikiX from Richard Stallman,
which IMHO is for us a pater patriae ;-)


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