Wikimedia Danmark is planning a conference + party on the day. I have a meeting with the venue manager tomorrow, btw.

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Den 29/08/2010 23.15 skrev "Sue Gardner" <>:

Hey Itzik (and everyone),

I have a notion. There's no reason we can't have months, or a full
year, of celebrations. But I also think it'd be great to have multiple
celebrations around the world on January 15, and I was thinking it
might be interesting to have a couple of board members + staff members
to go out and be present at some of those. For example, I think Barry
is thinking about spending January 15 in Bangalore, with the chapter

So I'm curious to know: who is planning celebrations in their country,
and might want to have a board member or staff member come and
celebrate with them? Or, who might be willing to organize something?

I say this in part because there will likely be a January 15
celebration in San Francisco. But there's no reason it should be the
primary event. So if others are planning celebrations, or are willing
to plan them, the Wikimedia Foundation would be willing to help -- by
providing guest speakers, swag/outreach materials, or whatever else
would be useful.


On 29/08/2010, Itzik Edri <> wrote:
> Hey,
> We have more or less 4 months to th...

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