I have a question:

That wiki will be page versions in other languages? Because I can't found any pages in other language than English.

If the answer is "yes", we should open a translation queue in translationwiki or meta and made a request in Translators-I ML.
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2010/11/12 Steven Walling <swalling@wikimedia.org>
Hi friends,

I just wanted to give everyone an update on what's been accomplished here at the Wikimedia Foundation so far and what we've got in store for the near future. We've got roughly two months until the 15th is here. With that deadline rapidly approaching, I want to really step up our efforts here at the WMF to help local events happen.

Just to restate it: our goal is to help make the tenth anniversary a memorable one for Wikimedia editors/readers/donors wherever you are. To that effect, we've launched ten.wikipedia.org in the last couple days. Many of you probably saw the pages on Outreach wiki that have since been migrated. Thanks to the editors who stepped up to help wiki-garden so far.

We've tried to structure the wiki to make it clear what it's for. Here's some more detail on what I want to include:

1. A list of all the events that will happen. Lots of organizing work is happening on other wikis and off-wiki, such as through Facebook events. That's great, and of course we want that to continue. But having a single list of what's happening is immensely useful for organizers, attendees, and the press.

2. On-wiki activities for reflecting on our anniversary and conveying the magnitude of our first decade of work. There is a list of preliminary ideas on the [[Share]] and [[Ideas]] pages.

3. Providing a space to gather resources for organizers, including a basic press kit and a set of anniversary designs put together by Jay Walsh and David Peters, whose work you will recognize from the 2009 Annual Report. The designs will all be uploaded to Commons shortly and will be in a gallery on the anniversary wiki. I'm really excited about this part of what's been prepared, since it's ideal for the customization and localization that needs to happen.

These designs are yours to run wild with, and some of them will be incorporated into products (t-shirts, buttons, stickers etc.) that will be provided to event organizers that want them. All we need to give you these materials is a basic set of event details and contact information, all of which can go on your event page. If it's unclear on the wiki what we're asking for, then that's my fault, so please let me know.

4. A place to document everything that goes on. Encouraging taking photos, video, and making written records of what everyone is up to in their celebrations is essential (and it's fun, at least to me). Media should probably go on Commons, as is standard procedure, but I'd love to see everything aggregated into the event pages on the wiki. Sharing the cool things that you're doing will be both a gift to other Wikimedians who can't be there, and will create a permanent record of our first double-digit anniversary.

If you have any questions, either about the wiki or however else the Foundation can support you in planning, I'm your best point of contact. I'll also be posting more regular updates to this list.

Thanks for reading,

Steven Walling
[[User:Steven (WMF)]] on ten.wikipedia.org

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