Hi everyone,

So with little more than a month to go before Wikipedia's anniversary, I'm pleased to say that the kits of special Wikipedia 10 merchandise we've talked about previously (on this list and at ten.wikipedia.org) are ready to be shipped. To reiterate:

* This merchandise is free. The WMF is paying all shipping and production costs.
* It's available to anyone that has confirmed publicly that they're holding an event that will celebrate Wikipedia's 10th anniversary. You don't have to be holding a particular size or type of event (we have conferences, film screenings, parties, plain old meet-ups etc.).
* Everyone is getting the same kit. 
* Each box includes 50 t-shirts with a balance of sizes for men and women, as well as a mixed assortment of stickers and buttons. You can see mockups of the designs at Design/Merchandise on tenwiki. I'm going to get pictures of it all on Commons soon, under Category:Wikipedia 10.

This means that if you're organizing one of the more than 60 events currently in the works, I need two things to be able to ship to you:

1. A public listing for your event on tenwiki. Just to be clear, this is merely a description and links to wherever you're organizing. If your wiki page exists but doesn't tell people the basics of who/what/when then please enrich it a little, so that logistically we can feel comfortable shipping a couple hundred dollars worth of merchandise to you. The New York City and Brasília events are good examples of the level of detail I'm talking about.

2. Contact information and your shipping address, plus an estimate of the size of your event so that we know how many boxes to send you. You can email this to me privately.

The shipping takes roughly a week depending on location (of course), so the sooner you can send me your event information the better. We're hoping to get as many kits as possible sent before January 1.

For those of you who've already done all of the above, thank you. I will contact you this week before we ship anything to you.

Steven Walling
Fellow at Wikimedia Foundation