Hi SJ and others,
I copy Maarten Brinkerink, who has been responsible for openbeelden.nl (also openimages.eu).
@ Maarten: can you give more background information on the issues below?
Thnx, Hans

Op 2/19/11 11:46 PM, Samuel Klein <meta.sj@gmail.com> schreef:

I copy Hans Westerhof, whose team worked on the uploads.

Hans, the WikiVideo list is wondering how the size and bitrate for
your video uploads was chosen, and whether you considered other sizes.
 This would help future uploaders.  Can you point the right person at
this thread?

They might enjoy the other (low-volume) list traffic as well:


On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 5:25 AM, Lars Aronsson <lars@aronsson.se> wrote:
> In Firefox 3.6.13 on Linux, I can show Ogg Theora videos just fine,
> which is a great step forward from earlier versions a year ago.
> But there are still bugs, where the playback just hangs. I have
> For one video, I changed the encoding and this made the problem
> occur less frequently for me.
> Looking at these 1200 Dutch videos,
> http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Media_from_Open_Beelden
> they are just 320x240 pixels, which is another way to get
> smaller files and lower bitrates.
> Is that something I should settle for? Will I live happier
> and prosper if I scale all videos to half their size?
> Who did the job with the Dutch films? How did they reason?
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