Thanks Brion,

Seems like folks have created scripts to do just what you described -- export PSD paths as SVG:

Though, it seems that while working with SVG is not ideal, at least SVG is a supported type by Adobe Premiere and other stock editors, whereas XCF isn't.


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On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 8:09 PM, Brion Vibber <> wrote:
I'd avoid XCF for a couple reasons:
* limited import/export support outside of Gimp
* No editable vector or gradient layers (you can save paths and re-rasterize them to layers manually, but it's kinda awkward to, say, change a blue gradient to a red one with otherwise the same settings)

SVG is actually a pretty good choice; anything vector-y and things like colors and gradients can be modified at will; and you can still embed raster graphics if you need them via embedded PNG or JPEG.

And of course SVG is spoken by both standard free tools like Inkscape, and standard professional tools like Illustrator.

Not sure if Photoshop can export its vector/shape layers as native SVG, but if it can that'd be a win. Sounds like another trial installation in my future!

-- brion

On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 2:30 PM, Jan Ainali <> wrote:
XCF is alright. For videos we do in Wikimedia Sverige I have started some SVG templates. Mostly because I think text handling is much nicer in Inkscape than in GIMP.

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2014-11-12 22:57 GMT+01:00 Manuel Schneider <>:
Am 12.11.2014 20:47, schrieb Andrew Lih:
> Wondering if anyone has addressed the issue of Commons-friendly formats
> for exchanging on-screen graphics or lower-third graphics with alpha
> channels for video?
> Seems like the .xcf format used by GIMP is the way to go, and it's
> supported in Commons, but I'd like to find out if anyone has any
> experiences with this.

XCF was the first idea I had before I read the last paragraph of that
mail. So basically +1 from me ;-)

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