As Node 10 is EOL, many of our upstream tools have been dropping Node 10 support recently, which is slowing down development and creating work for teams.

I have thus created the Node 12 CI infrastructure (T284343) based on Debian Bullseye (thank you, SRE Service Ops!) and have today migrated almost all jobs over to use them (T284345).

There are a small handful of jobs (for Kartotherian, OOUI, and WikiPEG) that need further infrastructure work, and have not yet been migrated. I've submitted a few commits switching repos with .nvmrc files over to the new version installed in CI.

This should be an uneventful change; I've spot-checked a few dozen repos and not found any issues. If there are any, please shout on the task or in #wikimedia-releng on Libera.Chat so I can fix it.

Note: This only applies to the centrally-managed legacy CI jobs. If your repo is using the modern pipeline, you will need to wait for there to be an appropriate base image, which is tracked in T284346.

James D. Forrester (he/him or they/themself)