This release updates Chromium to 73, and fixes a bug where containers could sometimes keep running if you force-closed a terminal tab that still had an open fresh-node prompt. If you found that certain Selenium tests didn't pass locally after March 10th, this now fixed as well. [1]

Thanks to Kunal Mehta, Ċ½eljko Filipin, and James Forrester for their help with testing and finding bugs.

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Fresh is a fast way to launch isolated dev environments from your terminal. These can be used to more securely work with npm-based tooling such as for ESLint, QUnit, Grunt, WebdriverIO, and Selenium. Example guides:

-- Timo

[1] Fresh directly uses WMF CI's Docker image for Node.js and browsers. This means you should be able to reproduce any npm or Selenium test locally and have it behave nearly-identical to CI. In March, WMF CI jobs were slowly updated to use its newer image with Chromium 73. Some Selenium tests started failing in CI after that, due to Chromium 73 changing how text nodes normalize line breaks (example: change 666946). After fixing those, you may found that those same tests would now fail in Fresh. This was because I hadn't yet released this update. They should now be in sync again!