Hello potential deployers!

We're starting backport deployment training for people interested in learning how to deploy safely.

Training happens in the #wikimedia-operations IRC channel as well as in a Google meet hangout every Thursday at both 11:00 and 23:00 UTC.

If you're interested in becoming a deployer and joining the hangout please fill out our deployment training request form on Phabricator to signup.

Attendance at multiple training sessions is welcome and encouraged—the goal is for you to be comfortable doing deployments yourself.

Everyone interested in having their code run in Wikimedia's production should learn how to deploy! Knowing how to deploy is important to unblock yourself and to help others in the technical community. The training will guide you step-by-step through queuing up patches, (in)validating on MWDebug, rolling back, and pushing live.

For more information see the deployment training guide on Wikitech.


– Tyler