Hello All,

Many of us were hopeful that we would be able to organise an onsite hackathon and meet in person in 2021. While this is sadly not the case, we still wanted to offer the opportunity for the technical community to get together virtually, work together on various projects, and discuss new ideas.


This is why we’re happy to invite you all to join the 21 Wikimedia remote hackathon on May 22/23 - save the date, and bring your projects & ideas!

Building on last year’s edition, this event is organized in a light mode, offering a lot of space for spontaneity, experimentation, and all kinds of projects. The ‘21 Wikimedia remote hackathon is built by and for its participants, and coordinated by a team of volunteers and staff - Amir, Birgit, Joaquin, Léa, Mohammed, Neslihan, Pavritha. 

On this page you will find all the relevant information. The planned framework consists of one main track of sessions that participants can follow, open rooms for informal discussions, workshops and social events, and to work together on projects. 

We will send out more information on how to schedule a session in the program soon! You can also add yourself to the participants list, and mention if you would like to help with tasks such as facilitation, or welcoming newcomers.

We hope that this event can be a moment of fun, reconnecting with long-time-no-see Wikimedians as well as onboarding new people into the technical community.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on the communication channels of the event

Hope to see you there!

The ‘21 remote hack coordination team

Birgit Müller (she/her)
Director of Technical Engagement