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On Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 04:25 Kunal Mehta <> wrote:

On 2/3/21 5:35 PM, Kunal Mehta wrote:
> What now? We're going to continue with the upgrade as planned, but we
> also need help to try and make some performance improvements to reduce
> the impact of the regression.

A week later I'd like to highlight and recognize some of the performance
improvements that have been made:

* Upgrading utfnormal to use native mbstring functions instead of PHP
implementations <> (MaxSem,
James F, Reedy and myself)
* Optimizations to ApiResult
(Daimona, Thiemo, Krinkle and James F)
* Using PCRE for faster UTF-8 validation in Parsoid
<> (Skizzerz and cscott)
* Reducing the size of the ExtensionRegistry cache in APCU
(Krinkle and myself)
* Reduce impact of HookContainer loading 500+ interfaces
<> (Skizzerz, myself, Tim
Starling and Ori)

If I missed any other improvements people have been working on, my
apologies, please share them! I've been using the Gerrit hashtag
"faster-mw-plz" <>
to try and track these.

-- Kunal

P.S. reimaging to Buster is 70% complete now.

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