RFC: Expiring watch list entries

This just missed the triage window, but it looks like this was implemented and deployed meanwhile (it was in Phase 3). I'm proposing we put this on Last Call for wider awareness and so that the team can answer any questions people might have, and to address any concerns that people might have based on reviewing the proposal we now know the team wanted/has chosen.

-- Timo

On Mon, Nov 2, 2020 at 6:24 PM Daniel Kinzler <dkinzler@wikimedia.org> wrote:

[Re-posting with fixed links. Thanks for pointing this out Cormac!]

This is the weekly TechCom board review.  Remember that there is no meeting on Wednesday, any discussion should happen via email. For individual RFCs, please keep discussion to the Phabricator tickets.

Activity since Monday 2020-10-26 on the following boards:



Committee board activity:

  • T175745 "overwrite edits when conflicting with self" has once again come up while working on EditPage. There seems to no longer be any reason for this behavior. I think it does more harm then good. We should just remove it.


Phase progression:

  • T266866 "Bump basic supported browsers (grade C) to require TLS 1.2": newly filed, lively discussion. Phase 1 for now.

  • T263841 "Expand API title generator to support other generated data": dropped back to phase 2 because resourcing is unclear.

  • T262946 "Bump Firefox version in basic support to 3.6 or newer": last call ending on Wednesday, November 4. Some comments, no objections.

Other RFC activity:

  • T250406 "Hybrid extension management": Asked for clarification expectations for WMF to publish extensions to packagist. Resourcing is being discussed in the platform team.

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