Le 02/06/2021 à 03:35, K. Peachey a écrit :
There is also one of the search systems migrating to non O/S from memory... elastic?


Yes that is ElasticSearch. They have recently announced they are now licensing code under Server Side Public License (SSPL) it is a viral license which in short requires that any service based on such code get licensed with the same license.  I am not a lawyer, but I guess that would imply that our whole stack switch to it as well.  As such it is not considered free by Debian or the Open Source Initiative (OSI).

As I understand it, the move has been made possible since all contributions were subject to a Contributor License Agreement (CLA). So that although the code was placed under a free license, the CLA effectively grants unrestricted publishing right to an organization, they can thus relicense the code however they want.   If I get it right, the old code is still under a free license but it can also be used under the new non free license.    As I get it the move has been done due to frictions with Amazon which is providing a search service.   Amazon announced they would be behind the free community fork: https://www.opensearch.org/

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