Amazing to hear about this, I'm hoping that this will improve the number of merged patches which are stuck on waiting for review.

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сре, 1. феб 2023. у 20:10 Brian Wolff <> је написао/ла:
Yesterday there was a conversation about code review on irc and among other things, how sometimes patches can get "stuck".

I had an idea for a way to improve things. I'm not sure if it is a good idea, but there's only one way to find out.

So without further ado, announcing the Code Review Patch Board:

In short - each person is allowed to list one of their patches on the board that they would really like to see reviewed. You can only list one patch at a time, and it should be a patch that you have been unable to get review for for at least a week through normal means. See the page for the full list of guidelines.

I encourage people to give it a try. Add a patch you wrote that you cannot get a review for. Or if you have +2 rights, try giving some love to these underloved patches.

I would also love to hear feedback on the general idea as well as the current guidelines.

To repeat, the url is:

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