Why not just use the normal magic i18n file? You could just not load it when you don't want it.


On Sunday, April 18, 2021, FreedomFighterSparrow <FreedomFighterSparrow@gmail.com> wrote:
My use case is this:

I have three alternative access points to the wiki, where some things are not allowed - e.g. videos. Each access point has different extensions disabled, and then tags and parser functions show "as is" on screen, which looks bad.

My goal is to hide those, obviously.

I'm upgrading MW from 1.29 to 1.35; My previous solution is here:

Basically I hooked ParserFirstCallInitHook and LanguageGetMagic to dynamically declare empty stubs for those missing function parsers and tags, using global variables $wgNoopTagsFunctionBlacklist and $wgNoopTagsBlacklist.

This doesn't work in MW 1.35, because LanguageGetMagic was removed. I tried bypassing the issue by hooking GetMagicVariableIDsHook, but apparently that's only for "variables" ({{variable}}), and not parser functions.

Is there a way to achieve my goal? Either by fixing my extension or doing something completely different which I haven't thought about?

Thanks in advance

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