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Hi all,

Starting today, we are building our base container images using debuerreotype instead than bootstrap-vz, which is unmaintained [1]. This is the same tool that is used for the dockerhub debian images, and our images are now completely equivalent to the debian base images, plus our own apt configuration[2].

With this change, we're also introducing a simpler nomenclature for our base images:
we will tag our images with "$codename" instead than with "wikimedia-$codename". Thus:

- the base stretch image is now docker-registry.wikimedia.org/stretch
- the base buster image is now docker-registry.wikimedia.org/buster

We have also added a new image based on the (yet unreleased, caveat emptor) debian bullseye.

We will keep tagging the latest version of those images as "wikimedia-stretch" and "wikimedia-buster" for the time being, in order to allow for backwards compatibility, but we encourage everyone to migrate eventually to the new naming.



[1] https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T281984
[2] Our very simple build script is here: https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/plugins/gitiles/operations/puppet/+/refs/heads/production/modules/docker/files/build-bare-slim.sh

Giuseppe Lavagetto
Principal Site Reliability Engineer, Wikimedia Foundation