This is a belated summary of *last week*'s deployment of the 1.37.0-wmf.15 branch of MediaWiki, extensions, and skins (also known as "the train").

The primary person in charge last week was Antoine (hashar) Musso, with Ahmon DancyΒ as backup, both from the Wikimedia Foundation Release
Engineering team.

The summary/blocker task for this week is:Β

The new version is running on all sites:

== πŸ“ˆ Stats ==
* 229 patches (15th smallest train since 1.31)
* 0 risky patches
* 0 time spent rolled back
* 1 day of delay
* 2 blockers were added, 0 were resolved, 2 blockers were removed

== πŸš‚πŸŒˆ==
Everyone who deployed, triaged, and had code riding the train this week: thank you. We've deployed another trainbow*!

Thanks especially to the folks who added and removed blockers this week:
* Timo Tijhof
* Daniel Kinzler
* Brennen Bearnes

– Train Troop

* trainbow – a neologism meaning "happy and successful train" β€” a portmanteau of "train" and "rainbow"!