Hi Amir,

Can you please define the details of what does this mean? My guess is:
* "Reference Previews" will move from the "Beta features" tab in the preferences to the "Reading preferences" section in the "Appearance" tab.
--> Correct. 
* "Enable page previews" and "Enable reference Previews" will both be on by default for logged-out users and new accounts.
--> Correct. 
* Existing accounts who disabled the Reference Previews beta feature will have the reference previews disabled.
--> We're currently discussing this. Reference Previews will probably be visible to everyone who doesn't use Reference Tooltips or Navigation Popups. But it will be easy to opt out via a cog wheel inside the pop-up.
* Logged-out users will be able to disable each feature and this selection will be saved in a cookie.
--> Correct.
* If the preference is enabled, but the user also has the corresponding gadget enabled, the gadget will be shown, and the feature from the extension will not be shown.
--> Correct.

I will update the project page in the course of this week to reflect these changes.

Hope that helps,