I usually wouldn't bother people with my issues but I'm sorta desperate here. This is about https://meet.wmcloud.org. WM Cloud jitsi instance. It's on a bigram VM and on docker .

Users report that when using this "a session with three people today and it was rather poor. Bad grainy video from my side even though I have 100 Mbps both ways. After about 15 minutes the session froze and the other two dropped out." or "we were 4 persons and it was very unstable (no screen sharing). people's connection got lost, so they could often still hear but could not participate in the call anymore." and you can reproduce the issue too if you stay long enough in a meeting with another connection (your phone for example).

I can't find any reason why this is happening. I wrote some of my investigations here but we checked the cloud's infra. CPU, memory, etc. all look fine as well as the network throughput. It doesn't happen with a new VM but quickly (after one meeting) builds up to have the same issues again. I added a regular restart of the docker containers (it even destroys them and recreates them again, also the docker service itself gets restarted) but nothing changes (maybe I should add a restart of the network manager too?). I assume the iptables being busy because of docker can contribute to the issue but not this much.

I'm running out of ideas. If anyone has worked with such setup and feels comfortable debugging this, let me know and I give permission to check the VM.

Thank you
Amir (he/him)